“ Tali and Marianna” is a bridal Couture house established in Tel -Aviv, Israel.

Each dress is made from the finest fabrics, luxury lace and beaded by hand.
The dresses are custom made, so they will fit perfectly on the body.

Each bride has a different vision and taste, so it is very important to provide our clients a personal and the finest service possible.

The Collections are designed from a scratch to the tiniest details by Tali Daniel and Marianna Rodriguez .
The variety is wide – from a romantic – classic , gently beaded dresses,
to a dramatic, glamorous sparkly dresses.

About The Designers:

Tali Daniel and Marianna Rodriguez are young and experienced bridal gowns designers.
Both born in Russia and grow up in Israel, very passionate for art, sewing and designing, from a young age.

The two designers met while working together in a bridal studio in their early twenties.
The bond was immediately.
After a several years of friendship, they opened their bridal boutique in Tel -Aviv.

“It is a dream coming true! Our passion is to make our clients excited about their wedding gown, and make dresses that are not only fits their body, but their hearts and soul as well.”